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It is a rare occasion that you do not see a cell phone when walking down the street. These days everyone has a cell phone and if you do not, then the public looks at you in shock. The cell phone has upgraded communication from the typical party line to the wonders of wireless freedom. Cell phone providers entice people with their hands-free, unlimited text and voice, 4G, mp3, Internet, and video capabilities. Children, as young as kindergarten age, have a cell phone and the older retirement generation is learning to text. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a 2010 survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics reported, the number of homes in the United States that had wireless-only phones rose by 13.6 percent in 2007 (Blumberg). This information helped to know the type of communication being used by Americans in emergency and health situations. The communication revolution does not end there because with every upgrade the cellular phone industry continues to a desirable “wow affect. In a very little amount of time, users increase the power of communication in a single call. Truly, it has changed the way that people communicate and provide users with conversation 24/7.
Cell phones have quickly established its usefulness in both our personal and business lives. The need for a landline is rapidly becoming outdated in favor of the cell phone’s portability and accessibility. Driving down the road, vacationing, or in emergencies cell phones increase the way users “reach out and touch someone.” The convenience of the cell phone’s freedom allows it be used anywhere and everywhere. At least that is what advertisements and wireless communication providers want the public to believe. What is not sa...

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...ell phone could connect.

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