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Humans are rational beings that use their intellect to try an achieve some sort of sense of the world, in other words truth. Truth is something that can not be denied as false. Since all humans are not part of the same culture, humanity as a whole does not share the exact notion of what is considered to be true. Humanity tries to achieve or know the truth through various outlets or practices. These different belief systems are understood to have been formed from their specific culture. Obviously, humanity has many different cultures and with that comes many different forms of truth seeking. There is one religion that claims to have the fullness of truth. That religion is the faith of Catholicism which means the Universal Church. Through Jesus Christ the founder and messianic figure of Catholicism, his Bride, the Church claims to unite humanity under the fullness of truth through the succession of Peter and tradition.
There are three different perspectives towards all religions: Excluivism, Pluralism, and Inclusivism (lecture notes, 1/12). These views towards religions vary greatly and determine the parallels or disconnects between all of them. In brief, excluivism determines that whatever faith is outside their belief system is false. Pluralism is on the other side of the spectrum. Pluralism express the fact that though there are many different religions and practices they are all equal in truth. Catholicism takes the perspective of Inclusivism. This point of view stresses the fact that all religions have some grasps of objective truths but, to do not have the universal truth.
Catholicism's Theology as explained above is of an inclusive nature. Therefore, as explained in the Gospel of Christ humanity is called to him and hi...

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...e adoration of one God, accepting most prophets, the last Judgment and veneration of Mary. What they lack is accepting Christ. Hinduism and Buddhism contain only one thing that is in correlation with the fullness Christ’s Church claims. That is prayer. Hinduism finds truth through things such a philosophical inquiry and seeking liberation while seeking God. Buddhism seek something higher as well. The need to be enlightened.
Jesus Christ, said he was the way, the truth, and life and that no one enters the kingdom of heaven accept through him. Through Catholicism, Christ’s Church, humanity has everything necessary for salvation. Since humanity is the Body of Christ, we are all called to his Church and to fulfill the Gospel. Though not everyone has the full knowledge of Christ and his Church, every individual has mission to find the fullness of truth and to seek it.

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