Essay about Case Study of an Immigrant

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Case Study of an Immigrant

“We are all immigrants. Our only difference is that some of us arrived earlier and some of us later” a great quote from Ruiz (1997). From the 1930’s to the 1970’s most people that immigrated here were from Europe, it is only recently that people from Mexico began immigrating here (Christie, 1998). The only difference is, when people were emigrating here from Europe, they already had high income and educational levels (1998). People that are emigrating here now from Mexico have trouble keeping the economy up (1998). Economists Beverly Fox Kellam and Lucinda Vargas (1998) wrote in a recent report for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, “U.S. immigrants, on average, earn less that native workers, and the deficit has been growing-mainly because the gap in education and skills has been widening.” However, that does not stop many Mexican immigrants from coming to the U.S. in hopes of find a good job. Moreover, people of Mexico put their lives on the line every day to reach the other side of a 2,000-mile international boundary (azcentral, 2001). They see it as the U.S.-Mexico border as separating the haves from the have-nots” (2001). People that live in Mexico view the U.S. as full of wealth, hope, and economic vitality (2001). They know that the jobs in the U.S. have higher wages and more job openings, even if they are undocumented (2001). It is said that in a years time, more than a million people will get caught trying to sneak illegally into the U.S., most of them seeking work with higher pay than Mexico (Dennis, 2001). Unfortunately, more than 1,100 people have died since 1997 trying to reach this land of opportunity (2001). With all this said, my paper will focus on an illegal immigran...

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