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Why would anyone want to be a Psychiatrist? Many people are afraid of the mentally ill because they think they are dangerous, but I find them very interesting. I want to learn more about their minds and how they function. I want people to understand that they are normal human beings just like anybody else. I’ve always been interested in mental disorders and how they’ve come to be. Being a Psychiatrist would be the perfect career for me.
The career of Psychiatry is an interesting career because of how extensive the aspects of the mind are. This research will describe the career of Psychiatry, what is required to become a successful Psychiatrist, and the impact this career has on society.
In 5th century BCE, the Greeks and the Romans believed mental disorders were supernatural. The Greeks also created manuals about mental disorders and how they were caused supernaturally. In 4th century BCE, Hippocrates theorized that psychological abnormalities were the root of mental disorders. The beginning of psychiatry as a medical practice started in the middle of the 19th century.
To treat mental disorders, religious leaders turned to exorcism, often using cruel and barbaric methods. Psychiatric hospitals were built in Europe in the 13th century to treat people suffering from mental disorders. However, they were utilized as “lunatic wards: and didn’t provide any type of treatment. Some wards treated their patients with extreme cruelty. Mutilation, beatings, and electric shock were only a few ways of “treatment” used on suffering patients.
This inhumane way of treatment went on until 1788 when George III was found to be suffering from a mental disorder. After his remission in 1789, men...

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