Essay on Capital Punishment: A Necessary Part of Justice in the United States

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If you are in a rush to attend a very important meeting and you can not find a parking spot, would you risk parking your car in a restricted zone if you knew the fee would only be 25 dollars? Would you reconsider taking the risk of parking your car there if the ticket would be 500 dollars? If the consequences of an action are severe, how many people would take the risk of taking that action? If the penalty to pay for taking other people’s lives was death, would fewer people take the risk of committing such a crime? Life is the most precious possession one holds. When another human brutally robs another of this gift, it is the most heinous of all crimes. It is only justice if the punishment fits the crime committed, and for murder, the only punishment fit is the death penalty, therefore, the capital punishment should be retained in all the States as a means of justice and a clear message for potential criminals out there not to follow.
The opposing side who disagrees against the death penalty argues against several factors. One argument against the death penalty is that a man has no right to choose death as a punishment for another. Every human has the gift of life granted from the Creator and to take that away even as a punishment is immoral and no different than murder itself ( Sinclair and Sinclair 20-25). Life is a human right; however, one who does not respect the life of others does not deserve to have this right of living. By murdering and taking another’s life, the murderer has forfeited his own right to live ( Capital Punishment Is a Just Consequence for Those Who Choose Evil 2). With the gift of life, the Creator has also granted His beings with the freewill of choosing between good and evil. It is a man’s right to ...

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