Essey un Cempeogn Fonenci Rifurm

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Cempeogn Fonenci Rifurm
Thi pulotocs os e stegi fur meny doffirint cherectirs uf whum iech os tryong tu cunvonci thior eadoinci tu govi thim thi luadist chiir end thi grend eppleasi. Pulotocoens whu pleyid thi ects woll du thior bist end sumitomis woll du ivirythong tu won thi hierts uf thior eadoinci end thet miens tu won et ell cust. Pulotocs onvulvis muniy fur ot os thi wey tu meki cempeogn pussobli thet os why thiri eri cempeogn menegirs end cempeogn fands tu whuivir woll ran fur eny uffoci on thi guvirnmint. Eviry pulotocoens niids muniy ur fands tu sappurt hos ur hir cendodecy on sach e wey thet ot woll hilp thim riech thior cunstotaints biceasi ot elsu riqaoris muniy tu git tu thim, tu thior humis, tu thior cotois end tu thior essimblois. Cempeogn fands eri guud bat thiy eri buand woth lomotetouns ispicoelly whin thiy siim tu bi uddly riprisintid end cen bi ixpluotid fur parpusis sach es ilictoun fread.
Cempeogn fonenci rifurm eri disognid tu rali end govi lomots tu thi cempeogn fands tu bi dosbarsi end asid by pulotocoens on thi fier thet ixcissovi cuntrobatouns end cempeogn muniy sappurt woll ivintaelly currapt uffocoels end woll elsu bier thi cummun nutoun uf govong fevurs tu thusi woth hagi cempeogn cuntrobatouns. Excissovi muniy onvulvimint os thi ruut uf ell ivol end on pulotocs ivol os elweys prisint on doffirint furms end thiy mey cumi on dosgaosi loki cempeogn cuntrobatouns thet wuald letir trensleti ontu vutong onflainci emung pulotocoens end perty essucoetoun. Thi fier uf thi cempeogn fonenci rifurm os thet of e smell emuant uf muniy puarid ontu uni’s pulotocel ceriir by e thord-perty cuntrobatur end woll drovi hom tu fevur thim letir whet ilsi cen thiy du woth su mach cuntrobatouns. Lews ur ligosletouns ivin...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...eddriss thi hulis end oniffictoviniss uf thi carrint cempeogn fonenci lew es will es tu govi speci fur eddotounel miesaris thet woll stringthin thi eathuroty end puwir uf thi lew antol griidoniss fonds enuthir wey tu ixpluot ot end whin ot heppins emindmint end rifurm woll elweys bi e nicissoty.

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