The Biological Integrated Detection System Essay

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The Biological Integrated Detection System

The Biological Integrated Detection System is a United States Army asset that provides the ability to alert, detect, analyze, identify and report the presence of biological agents on the battlefield.
In today’s world of ever expanding and uncertain chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats, it is more important than ever to understand the availability of tools used to protect the populace. In the United States of America, the citizenry is fortunate to have the United States Army as a front line resource that maintains elements within its organization to guard against these threats. Within the United States Army lie the capabilities of the United States Army Chemical Corps. The Chemical Corps maintains the trained soldiers and equipment needed to detect and protect against the multitude of CBRN threats that present themselves along the lines of the modern day battlefield. One of these capabilities is the Biological Integrated Detection System; more commonly referred to as BIDS.
Within the doctrine and training of the United States Army and the military as a whole, BIDS refers to a specific unit, system, and capability employed by a subset of particularly trained and focused soldiers that carry the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of 74D, or Chemical Operations Specialist. Though this moniker seems to focus singularly on the chemical aspect, it should be noted that these soldiers that are highly trained in all aspects of the CBRN disciplines, more specifically the biological realm. It is this additional emphasis on biological threats and the detection of these threats that allow chemical soldiers to utilize the joined, mission-oriented components of the Biol...

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... threats is a complex process. The process requires highly trained personnel and high-order equipment to combine and produce this very important capability. The BIDS can now be better viewed as an asset that protects the maneuver units of the battlefield, and ultimately the people of the United States.


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