Beowulf's Cockiness and Self-Esteem

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When he arrived at the Danish land, Beowulf was a man seeking adventure and glory. Beowulf was famous among his people, the Geats, for his bravery. Beowulf fought in many battles and as a result showed his great character to others.
Beowulf had many characteristics which helped him to succeed in battle. Beowulf was known as the strongest man alive. His strength allowed him to succeed in battle. If wasn’t for his pure strength, he would not have been able to defeat Grendel because his weapons wouldn’t work. By fighting Grendel without weapons, he opened himself up to greater praise. Beowulf’s strength could not be seen as a disadvantage, while the results of his strength could. Beowulf’s strength allowed him power in battle, but it also made him vain. While his cockiness allowed him to be sure of himself in battle, some of his peers found it to be a character flaw. Unferth saw Beowulf as cocky and vain. So, while his cockiness was a flaw in the eyes of others, Beowulf saw it as a self promise and used it to his advantage.
Beowulf also had a strong spirit of adventure, his spirit of adventure was part of the reason that Beowulf went to fight Grendel. Beowulf’s strength and spirit of adventure had also led him to victories in many battles, including the battle with Grendel. Beowulf used his glory in earlier battles to prove himself when coming to help Hrothgar. In addition, his self assurance and known bravery probably guided his decision. Beowulf’s spirit of adventure gained him a lot of fame; however, it could have gotten him into danger, if he were to have taken an adventure too far.
Beowulf used his strength for respect and recognition. As he became older his great strength was beginning to become weak. The weakness of his strength and the lost battle against Grendel’s mother was overwhelming to Beowulf; however he realized that his time was over and he would be remembered as a great hero in all battles he won.

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Now Beowulf’s self assurance no longer guides him into battle, but assures him that he has done well in his life.
During his life time, Beowulf was a great warrior. His bravery and strength helped him to triumph and he made sure everyone knew about it. By doing so he showed his pride. However, all of his attributes; strength, courage, self assurance and adventurous helped Beowulf for good. While there could have been bad effects, Beowulf pushed himself well and was respected by many.

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