Benefits of Genetic Engineering

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Genetic Engineering is an idea that we can ponder on quiet days. The creation of altered DNA is an enticing aspect that can greatly influence the average human life. The research of genetic engineering is an ongoing exploration that may never end. I am a supporter of a genetic engineering. There are three basic beneficial basis of genetic engineering. Those are genetically altered crops, the creation of medicines, and the creation of organs so that many lives could be saved.
Genetically altered crops are very beneficial to third world countries. These type of plants are spliced with different sorts of insect repelling genes. For example a plant could be crossed with an animal’s insect repelling trait and the plant wouldn’t even need the use of pesticides. The crops could be grown synthetically and theoretically never run out. This would definitely help the lesser countries of the world because we could give them an unlimited amount of crops to eat.
Medicines for many diseases can be created through genetic engineering. For example the disease diabetes is caused by the lack of insulin. Genetic engineering creates its own insulin. Many diabetic people’s lives could be saved through genetic engineering. The process making the insulin cuts and creates genes to produce the insulin. In the future it may even possible to cure cancer! Although cancer may be a while until it has a cure, heart diseases are already being cured right now. There is a company called Cardiovascular Genetic Engineering that has found out the cure for heart diseases and are right now working on a cure for cancer.

In genetic engineering organs can be made. The synthetic organs can help those that need a certain organ to live or those who have a damaged organ. This procedure of creating new organs includes injecting a growth hormone in the wounded or dysfunctional organ. The patient’s cells are forced to move into the wounded organ and regenerate the tissue. The other procedure consists of creating a synthetic organ and placing it in the body. The synthetic material in the organ breaks down while in the body creating a natural organ. The natural organ is called a neo-organ.
Genetic engineering isn’t perfect but it’s the best shot we have to end some of the pain and suffering in the world. I understand how you could dislike genetic engineering. Creating another life with no soul or moral value is testing God.

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God should never be tested or toyed with. Although genetic engineering could possibly be testing God it’s still a very important discovery of our time. That is the counter argument or con of doing all of genetic engineering. Unfortunately you’re either all for it or none of it at all.

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