The Beauty of A Rose for Emily Essay

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I. Introduction

William Faulkner (25/9/1887-6/7/1962) is a special phenomenon of American literature twentieth century. He has never ranked higher than his real stature in the realm of literature, but Faulkner is an American giant. A famous writer from the Mississippi, William Faulkner is the world regarded as one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. Amazing! A man, who never graduated from high school, has never earned a college degree, has lived in a small province, in a state of America's poorest country, and in a poor family has written a series of successful work brilliant. In his life, he has written a lot of famous stories, one of them is “A rose For Emily”, it was the story I studied in high school, I have read and read it over and over again in high school to understand its meaning .It is not kind of story that we read once and know clearly about it. There are many things to discuss about “A rose For Emily” but I’m interested in writing about three things that have been impressed me in this story since high school : Anaerobic or space conscious waiver by Emily, Art of time , the horror elements and the size of the legendary character of Emily .

II. Anaerobic or space conscious waiver by Emily

Art space is a quintessential part of Faulkner's stories. Emily Rose's short stories build a unique art space, a legendary space. Jefferson is a village which appears in most of his work. In this village, the little house of Emily is very special. It is the oldest house remaining. The house has no number and is always closed. Moreover, it has bad odor. That house or should we call it an anaerobic space, when a person walks in, he always feels smother. As we know, character, lifestyle, thi...

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...le circumstances, alone in the world, as increasing age, no husband, no children, and no money but not for others to feel pity for her. She did not allow anyone to feel pity for her. As Faulkner might say Emily was a symbol of the humans never wither, always pride. Elements of horror: dead, iron-gray hair gives us a suggestion of the kind of man does not wither. Although Emily died but she has lived forever in the hearts and memories of people at the village of Jefferson, even the destructive love of Emily: killed her sweetheart to keep him beside her forever. Although she was always against the norm of the community, pride to place herself outside the norm, but the people of Jefferson from the old to the young man to the woman they love and respect her. Of course there are the whispers but people think of her as to think of a thing to be respected, maintained.

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