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The Battalion S2 (BN S2) section deployed is defined as a battalion intelligence staff. Operations include ground forces visually conducting operations in a infantry battalion at Baghdad, Iraq. Irregular warfare provides a defining amount of visualization on the enemy threat. The tactical level of intelligence will exist on BN S2 battle rhythm, lethal targeting process, system applications and usage, and intelligence assets. This definition shares in a tradition for dominating target development. The BN S2 intelligence superiority is defined by a specific targeting structure for developing the enemy threat.
The BN S2 battle rhythm process is a technical sequence for parallel staff planning. BN S2 intelligence superiority is established by continuous reporting of the battle rhythm. The working groups are reported by platoon leaders, Assistant Battalion S2 (BN AS2), BN S2, Brigade Assistant S2 (BCT AS2), and Fires and Effects Coordination Cell (FECC). The connections are made to working groups for brigade targeting of 4 x BN S2/AS2, BCT AS2, and FECC. Working groups continue on one weekly meeting for target development. Continuous working groups provide targeting structure importance. Thereafter intelligence products connect to continue planning. The connections are made to working groups for battalion targeting of Company Intelligence Support Team Officer (COIST) and BN S2. Working groups continue on three weekly meetings for target development. Those areas of reporting will be marked by current intelligence reports. Robert Clark writes,
Because all participants share knowledge of the target, they are better able to identify gaps in knowledge and understand the important issues surrounding the target. Th...

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...urveillance areas. Maximizing effectiveness of signal intelligences while executing patrols. The areas will be synchronized to battalion assets. Patrols are made by all possible assets during employment. The intelligence assets are to include information for the targeting development.
The BN S2 section deployed provides emphasis as directing intelligence information. Operations include ground forces sharing in a tradition of dominating enemy threats. Intelligence superiority is therefore established by a specific targeting process. The Iraq war provides a visualization of conducting the targeting processes. Intelligence value is made evident by completing a continuous targeting process of working groups. Connecting to intelligence superiority at all levels of command. The tactical level of intelligence thereafter seeks to define target development.

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