Autonomy: A Concept Analysis Essay

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The concept analysis of autonomy will be analyzed according to the Walker and Avant method of concept analysis. Walker and Avant (2005) present a strategy for analyzing concepts in a comprehensive manner to present new theories and a common definition for different concepts. The current as well as historical meaning is an important aspect to analyze the concept of autonomy, as one must understand how one simple four syllable word grew into such a powerful concept. Definitive attributes drawn from the concept mapped for future use as well as case study as outlined by Walker and Avant (2005). The necessary attributes are then plugged into model, borderline, related and contrary cases so that full concept involvement and understanding is determined. Antecedents as well as consequences of the concept are also discussed for positive and negative connotations can clarify the meaning of the concept of autonomy. Finally the empirical referents of actual phenomena can be realized as Walker and Avant (2005) strive to explain and simplify the concept analysis.
Aims of the Concept
The aim of the analysis is meant to clarify the meaning of the word autonomy thereby the introduction of a concept. Clarification is needed as the word autonomy does have several meanings and not all apply to medical terminology, some meanings span to philosophy, technology and general decision making. The medical meaning is significant in the care of patients for improved outcomes through choice and educated decision making on the part of the patient. Autonomy can be empowering as a concept or even as a single word.
Current Uses of Autonomy
Autonomy is defined by dictionary reference as the state or quality of self-governing, also known as th...

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