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As I reflect on my past assessment process, I realized how much my assessments have changed over the years. In my early years, I used tests for informational recall as my assessments. I felt these were appropriate guidelines in which I needed to follow in order to substantiate a student’s grade. Every assignment or tests was given a point value and then based on the amount of points, a grade was given. Every student’s assessment was exactly the same, and the assessments did not contain any subjectivity. I felt confident in giving the grade based on a valid point system. However reflecting back, I see that I did not include any performance-based assessments or individual learning styles in my early assessment. I also did not take into consideration the individual needs of my students. My assessment approach was awful. I am embarrassed that I use to assess students in this manner.
However, as I have grown professionally, I have become more eclectic in my assessments. I now incorporate a student-performance, along with test of the material presented, and a humanistic approach on how my students are impacted by the grades they receive. For instance, my Asperger student, Lukas, needs his assessments to contain fact-recall questions, and essay questions need to have step-by-step answers. He does not perform well if questions regarding interpretations of emotions or non-factual data of information are part of the assessment.
Students who are high-risk for failure because of anxiety need a different type of assessment. These students are given a more performance-based hands-on assessment or verbal discussion option for their evaluation. My students have done power-points, self-evaluations and one-on-one discussions for a ...

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...ercent, I alter their assignments and meet with them prior to the final grading. In this way they focus on the task at hand instead of the final outcome. Too many students focus on getting it done and not taking the time to make it meaningful.
I use assessments to assist me to identify and to develop their learning process. Assessment is not about the final grade, but the learning experience. I would rather have my students know how to look up information and apply knowledge than to memorize it and forget it ten minutes after the test. Learning is a life-long adventure and I want my students to know how to adjust and cope during their adventure. I want my students to have the skills for researching and finding the answer. It is not always that answer which demonstrates learning; it is in the process in which you find the answer that demonstrates learning.

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