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Today, the impact of organizations lives from a formal perspective and takes on a total affect on how humans act. The behavior can stem from what is eaten, and the settings that individuals’ chose to take for granted in an organization. The notification of organizational behavior comes after observing either good or bad results to show that individuals’ do take aspects of lives for granted. . Scientist use the technology of methodology from a scientific perspective to help individuals’ better understand how organizational settings work (Jex & Britt, 2008). This paper discussion highlights how organizational psychology defines individuals’ behaviors in organizations. A discussion done on recruitment explains how methods and issues determine the difference between using the applicant, and the organization process. Additionally, a description of organizational socialization is done using a concept. Hence, an explanation leading to a comparison between the principles of organizational psychology and organizational socialization happens by defining organizational psychology.
Organizational Behavior Defined
Organizational psychology is a term of scientific significance that process thought of the mind thinking processes to enhance organizations effectiveness using findings from research, and science (Rex & Britt, 2008). In a work by Katz and Katz in showing behaviors can pattern human behavior using Social Psychology in Social Organizations (1978). A clarification to define organizational psychology is to learn of the characteristics engaged in organizations by noticing a pattern of behavior that humans display in organizations from an informal or formal sense over a continued period.
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