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Tell us about your F&C experiences:
At Citigroup, I had to develop a new model to forecast revenues from partnerships, using return on investment ratio as proxy for profitability of the partnership and at Nestlé, when setting price and communication strategies, I had to be fully aware and have an understanding about management accounting and the implications of the strategies for the income statement.

I feel very comfortable with numbers and I enjoy the challenges associated with financial analysis, which are two of the reasons I am specializing in Corporate Finance. I am convinced that I have achieved the level of financial knowledge required for this position and, as my transcripts will show, my grades - not only, but especially in finance-related courses - are on the top of the class. During my master’s degree, I have:
- Conducted several financial analysis using value creation models, NPV and profitability ratios such as ROI, ROE, ROCE and income statement ratios, which also included risk profiling through beta measurements, operational risk and financial risk;
- Build financial business models, including accounting statements (Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows and Income Statement) and forecasts;
- Valuated companies using DCF, transaction multiples and peer groups methods.

Additionally, I have an excellent command of the Microsoft Excel program, including notions of VBA, which you might find valuable for this position.

Please indicate your salary expectations (Total package yearly)
My research shows me that an adequate salary for this position in Switzerland would be somewhere between CHF70,000 and CHF90,000. However, there are many things to consider: my salary would depend on the responsibilities and d...

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...mance, and broadened my understanding of the food-industry sector.

I have a true desire to improve myself and to transform my ambition, determination and commitment into high performance standards and excellence to every assignment. I have worked for Nestlé before and I am convinced that it is the perfect employer for me.

What is your role will you have to get in 5 years?
Most importantly, I want to contribute as much as I can to Nestlé’s operations around the world. I want to learn the necessary skills to assume more management responsibilities and new challenges, and to increase the impact I can deliver to Nestlé’s customers and projects.
I am not looking for a specific future position, but I believe that this position will develop me personally, professionally and technically, allowing me to engage in strategy development and implementation.

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