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The mission, goals and objectives are to obtain, collect and analyze as much information as possible to be able to disseminate the information to all the Unit Leads in their station. It is a necessity to communicate the information with all the Leads to be able to aid them in their investigations in order to increase the apprehension of the offenders. This information will also be used to identify patterns and trends to be able to implement deterring measures. The analytical unit will be involved in the improvement of short and long-term decision making processes. The analytical unit will also have the ability to manage, allocate and deploy their resources to be able to stop as much criminal activity as possible. This will be done by providing an expedient and accurate conveyance of the analytical data collected.

The role of an analyst has a misconception of being a statistician even though statistics do play a role in crime analysis, it is merely one role. Most law enforcement agencies either do not know how to justify having a crime scene analyst or do not have the funds to hire one. As long as you have some type of criminal justice background and are able to think outside the box you have the potential of being an analyst. What a lot of agencies do not understand is that a Police Officer can play a dual role, as either an officer or an analyst. Some of the roles of an analyst consist of mapping crimes, detecting patterns of crimes, analyzing reports, producing statistics, and even being in charge of staff. It is the job of the crime analyst to be able to predict the future of possible criminal events. Analysts do not only analyze the criminal side but also analyze the victim side as well. The reports that come in from the v...

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...n the planning, execution and apprehension of the offenders or to help instill measures to deter the potential offenders.

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