Essay Analysis of a Program for the Gifted and Talented Students

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A. Background Information
CCC Kei Faat Primary School is a public school directly under the HK CCCC (The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China), which founded in 1965. The school has a long history and excellent school spirit. It pledges to provide quality “Whole Person Education” which emphasizes on cultivating students’ morality, intelligence, physical and social ability. Gifted and talented education has been included in the scope of school development plan. Besides, the school regards “to popularize and optimize gifted and talented education” as their educational concept. Thus, school teachers view each student as an unrefined gold that has tremendous potential. They devoted their effort to recognize student’s individual differences and maximize their high potential. To achieve this goal, the school identified and selected gifted students based on the Education commission Report No.4 and Ghana’s multiple intelligence theory. Concerning about the construction of gifted development programmes, the school adopted a three-tier operation model which includes the whole-class mode, pull-out program and off-site support. It also provided a wide range of special programmes to meet the unique learning needs of those gifted students. These programmes are mainly divided into seven subjects. They are Chinese, English, Mathematics, Common Sense, Putonghua, Multiple intelligence and leadership.
In this case, the program is oriented to students from primary four to primary six. The course is carried out in the form of small-size class, which only enrolls sixteen students. It aims to explain various creative strategies to develop students’ creativity. Kitano & Kirby (1986) stated that creativity is the ability to come up with i...

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