An Effective Classroom Management Plan Essay

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Implications of Classroom Management

There are many things that a teacher must think about when creating their classroom management plan. One of these things involves the legal and ethical implications as they relate to the rights and responsibilities of students, parents, and teachers. I have reviewed several articles related to this subject, and will give a brief overview of each of them as well as tell how they will make a difference in the way that I manage my own classroom. Most of the articles, that I chose, pertain to the lack of parental involvement in their children’s lives which leads to problems that teachers must deal with. These articles pertain to the social and economic situations that are causing a lot of the problems in schools today.
The first of the articles that I researched was by Diane Holben and Perry A. Zirkel, entitled Empirical Trends in Teacher Tort Liability for Student Fights. This article appeared in the Journal of Law and Education, in Jan 2011, and talked about the number of cases involving students and teachers and the disposition of these cases. To ease the fear of teachers being sued, the following information was very informative. “Contrary to the common conception, empirical research on the frequency of school litigation suggests a decreasing rather than increasing basis for fear of litigation.” (Diane Holben, 2011) In the article they point out that the number of court cases are dropping, but more important is the following. “Moreover, the outcomes of these student cases generally favored school defendants, with the percentage significantly shifting further in their favor during recent decades.” (Diane Holben, 2011) Garner reports that teachers consider legal issues the third most impo...

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