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When people hear the word suicide it invokes controversy. Although it is a taboo subject; if a loved one was faced with a terminal illness becoming extremely critical this would pose a moral question. Could a person be willing to accept the fact their family member intended to use medical assisted suicide? Very few individuals would agree with this, but in the same instance should a human being want their relative to be in unbearable pain? According to the author, “Indeed, physician-assisted suicide implies not a resistance to but an extension of medical power over life and death” (Salem). There are various reasons as to why medical assisted suicide could be viewed as wrong, but it should be the patient’s choice on how they want to relinquish life.
In order to understand euthanasia the person must know the true meaning, “The literal translation of euthanasia from Greek is good death” (Haigh). Doesn’t everyone want to die in a respectable and pain free death? Therefore, they are four countries and three states of The United States of America that have legalized physician assisted suicide (Vogel). That being said, the majority of cases are used for the purposes of those suffering from a terminal illness and those who are mentally stable enough to handle the repercussions (Haigh). It is an option for those who are in agonizing pain to be helped and let go of the pain they deal with on a daily basis (Fenigsen). This helps the patients to die in a peaceful and relaxed manner and enjoy their last few days with family or friends.
In order to be safe there are many different types of criteria that the patient must meet in order to fulfill his or her wish to be euthanized. This is depending on where the person lives and to prevent unwa...

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...dual should consider and why it should be legal. It gives those who dying from an illness and wish to fulfill their life a chance to do that.

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