America Needs Medical Marijuana

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What would the life be like if you could purchase marijuana anywhere and everywhere? The humannhealth website seems to think “If marijuana were legal short-term cognitive impairment would be active in more people.” ( would be an extreme risk to the youth of America by acquiring more access to the drug, it would cause them to have the effects including but not limited to; not being able to accomplish a goal they might have had. There are positive things that can come from this like helping people with seizures, arthritis, cancer, and AIDS. The positive effects would help someone to the point where they would outweigh the bad effects on that person. If marijuana is legalized medical patients are the only ones that need access to this drug because the drug then becomes a help rather than a hazard.
The Background of marijuana is important when creating other drugs, using the drug for other purposes like protein, knowing what the effects could be because where it originated, and many other things. “Marijuana was first discovered by china around 4000 b.c. and was used for hemp fiber to make rope.”( In present day using hemp for things such as protein is not abnormal, in protein from its perfectly legal and is good for the body. Hemp protein is a good natural vitamin that will add things like zinc, fiber, and magnesium to your everyday diet. As also explains very greatly “The actual smoking of marijuana was not introduced in the U.S. until the 1920’s when it was brought over by mexico.”( Mexico is a great producer and supplier of many drugs that are brought into America, marijuana being one of them.
Marijuana has been as issue from many years now. As a youtube document explains “Harry j. Anslinger united states first drugzar for him public enemy number one was marijuana. Turning the employers against their employee says that mexicans and such were using these drugs during work and it was messing with their minds and they would rape their children and wives.”( There have been movies made to prevent people from using it and an uncountable amount of protest for and against the use of the drug. “Marijuana first became illegal in 1937, and by 1970’s this drug was in high demand” ( No matter how hard the laws that prevent the use of marijuana are enforced americans are still going to use it.

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If someone can get there hands on it now with it being completely legal imagine how easy it would be to be in position of it when it becomes only legal in a few states.
Legalizing marijuana for medical patients should have limits within the medicine practice but limited to life threatening disorders. Meaning that if ones eye hurts then that person would not have the rights to prescribed medical marijuana, but if someone is undergoing chemotherapy then this person would have access to the prescribed marijuana. states that “marijuana for cancer patients going under chemotheraphy is proven to be helpful in reducing nausea, is also helps to stimulate appetite of patients with AIDS and for people having glaucoma, it has been found helpful in the reduction of intraocular pressure”( How much, when, and where should be determined by the doctor because he/she is more at knowledged in the subject as to if and when the persons disorder is life threatening.
Medical use is for an important cause and will solve life threatening disorders. Like the one In the WEED document on youtube “A little girl had over 300 seizures a week, about 2 every hour.” ( Who would have ever thought that marijuana would have helped her? The THC is not what helped her, It is the CBD that helped her through this among other people with disorders like hers. No one should ever have to live life knowing that there is something out there that can help them and not being able to purchase it because its illegal. Marijuana can and will save peoples lives as long as we let it. By legalizing marijuana to the extent of medical use only it allows people who need it to receive it and those who do not to have access to it.
AIDS is also something that marijuana is needed for. is very educated on the use of marijuana in AIDS patients “HIV-positive marijuana smokers, both dronabinol (at doses 8 times current recommendations) and marijuana were well tolerated and produced substantial and comparable increases in food intake.” ( When smoking Marijuana you get what you call the munchies, this is when you want to snack and snack. People with AIDS do not get hungry so by smoking marijuana they get these munchies and they eat. HIV/AIDS is becoming more and more active in America because more and more people are having sex and reproducing.
Marijuana will kill your brain cells no matter if it is for medical or recreational use, but using it for medical outweighs the effects it has on the brain. Instead of using it to get high, people that actually need it are using it to live longer and better life. For people that smoke pot recreational this would not be a understanding argumentative paper. Them being able to smoke marijuana is the highlight of their day most pot smokers are like meth users, they do not care how they get it as long as they do. Being apart of a society like 2013’s is a major difference from 1960’s. The 1960’s were the days of hippies and smokers, when tie-dye was popular.
Who knows when marijuana will be medically legalized? But we do know that one day it will happen, what kind of nation are we if as American we just let people die from these deadly diseases all because no one can figure out how to tax something like marijuana. People live with the choices that they make in life, if someone needs to give their child marijuana to keep them from having seizures then who should stop them. Knowing what could and could not happen to someone if they do not get the medicine they need is a huge risk that should not be taken. Life is short and mostly sweet so being able to do everything in our power to make sure that people live the way the were made to should be as important as it is to the dying person that can not get their hands on the marijuana they need.

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