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Recently, there has been a spark in conversation about affirmative action; there are those who see these government policies as fair and just, and those who see them as unfair and racist. There have been many judicial rulings on this topic: from Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, to the most recent case Fisher v. Texas. President Kennedy first introduced Affirmative action as an executive order to end discrimination in government employment, but it is now used more in collegiate settings. Many people do not believe affirmative action is needed anymore, because racism is not alive. However, I believe many institutions would not accept other ethnicities if it were not for the quota they had to reach.
In article one, “Affirmative Action in Higher Education”, Clapp tells readers affirmative action is needed in collegiate settings to "increase the number of people from underrepresented groups in higher education and to diversify colleges and universities”(41). The use of affirmative action has led to many debates and lawsuits: specifically Regents of The University of California v. Bakke, where a young man applied to the college twice, but was denied because they had sixteen of a hundred spaces reserved for minorities. The Supreme Court ruled that a specific quota for minorities is unlawful. Although universities cannot create quotas for admitting certain people, they still have to create some sort of regulation to undermine racism. Those who oppose affirmative action feel as though it makes colleges accept any one that is a minority and over looks those who might be more qualified. Affirmative action was originally mandated, to diversify the student body and provide better access to higher education for members of und...

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