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When you wisely manage your time, it will help make certain that you will be able to do both the things you have to and the things you want to do.

I. Advantages of Time Management - in order to be successful they must balance their time wisely among many commitments such as classes, study time family, friends, and possibly employment
a. gain time
b. motivates and initiates
c. promotes review
d. eliminates cramming
e. reduces anxiety
II. Disadvantages
a. Distractions come in all shapes and sizes. You may be distracted by your friend's music down the hall, by a phone call, by a memory, or by physical exhaustion. Here are some tips to overcome distractions:
1. Set aside a special place to study that is free from distractions.
2. Take control of your time and learn to say no to your friends.
3. On a pad of paper, record interruptions as they occur over the next few days. Note the source of each interruption, how long each interruption lasts, and whether it was valuable.
b. Procrastination Procrastination is the postponing of tasks that are perceived as unpleasant. Your pro...

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