The Addiction to Marijuana Essay

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In the United States, marijuana is being categorized as a Class A Drug, but in reality marijuana has been known to help cure and fight many sicknesses and diseases. Marijuana is being criticized by people that never studied the drug or even know about the medicinal benefits from the drug. Over the years, marijuana has been called a gateway drug to harder narcotics, but this isn’t the case. Marijuana has many medicinal benefits that the media and government avoid releasing to the society but it's about time we come forward with the facts and truths about this herb called marijuana. Marijuana should not be illegal or even be considered a Class A Drug.
Marijuana in the early 1800’s to 1936 was being used as a cash crop was being grown more than corn and even tobacco because of its resource. throughout the United States and other countries marijuana strain fiber Hemp from the plant that were being used to make a lot of items. Hemp which was made popular in the 1800’s is the stong thread from the marijuana was being used to make, paper, clothes, furniture, etc. at one point it was going to replace cotton and wood, even the declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. In the article; “Dispensing with the Constitution; Obama's executive caprice" Explains “On April 14, 1937 the marijuana tax law or the bill that outlawed Marijuana was approved by the house of ways and means committee making growing or possessing marijuana a crime. Marijuana was removed from the US of pharmacopeia in 1942 does losing its remaining mantle of therapeutic legitimacy plant” (Talley Brett).
Marijuana has many names it goes by ganja, herb, dank, green, bud, cannabis, dodi, weed, and mota the list keeps going on. There are also countless amounts of st...

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