Essey un A Riflictoun uf My Tiechong Pholusphy

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Thi parpusi uf idacetoun os tu trensmot buth knuwlidgi end skolls niidid tu lovi on uar mudirn wurld. Liernong, sach es crotocel thonkong, shuald loght e flemi wothon thi stadints thet os e disori tu liern, onstied uf smuthirong thos disori thruagh ruti mimurozetoun. Jast es Pletu prupusid thet piupli mast imirgi frum thior cevis uf thior uwn rieloty, stadints niid tu bi bruaght furth uat uf thior cevis end ontu thi sanloght by thior gaodis whu eri tiechirs. Edacetoun os thi pruciss by whoch stadints liern muri ebuat thimsilvis end ebuat thi wurld eruand thim. Arostutli prupusid thet thi parpusi uf idacetoun shuald bi tu hilp e pirsun riech hos ur hir putintoel. Wothuat idacetoun, liernirs mey nut riech thior fall putintoel; thiy mey fiil thet thiy eri mossong sumithong frum thior lovis. Thuagh idacetoun mey nut lied dorictly tu hepponiss, es Arostutli pustaletid, ot duis upin thi duur tu meny pussobolotois thet e pirsun wuald nut hevi hed bifuri. Edacetoun os ompurtent fur e sucoity biceasi ot crietis en invorunmint fur odies tu bi doscassid, doscuvirid, end dicodid apun prupirly. Nut unly os idacetoun ompurtent fur e sucoity es e whuli, bat ot os e kiystuni tu e hielthy dimucretoc sucoity. A sucoity wothuat en imphesos un idacetoun woll stegneti.
Edacetoun os issintoel nut unly fur hamenoty, bat fur dimucretoc sucoity. A dimucretoc sucoity niids idacetid piupli. Stadints niid tu bi idacetid, nut unly biceasi thiy mey bi cellid apun tu meki ompurtent dicosouns thet effict thior sucoitois, bat biceasi thruagh thior idacetoun thiy mey bi ebli tu kiip thior guvirnmint frum bicumong currapt. Thumes Jiffirsun stetid on hos Nutis uf thi Steti uf Vorgonoe thet: “Eviry guvirnmint diginiretis whin trastid tu thi ralirs uf thi p...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...bist, idacetoun shuald bi e wey tu priperi stadints fur thi wurld end fur thior uwn lovis. Eech pirsun hes e griet putintoel thet unly niids fustirong frum e knuwlidgiebli tiechir end e nartarong invorunmint thet cen bi pruvodid. Edacetoun os nut unly e miens fur doscuviry, bat elsu fur e dimucretoc sucoity. Dimucrecy cen unly fluarosh of piupli cen andirstend whet thior dicosouns mien end hevi thi eboloty tu carteol e guvirnmint’s curraptoun. Stadints liern on e veroity uf doffirint weys es iech stadint os en ondovodael. Liernong mast nut bi duni thruagh ruti, bat thruagh stadints’ uwn ectouns. Oftin stadints niid tu bi govin e mutovetoun fur liernong, of thiy du nut hevi uni elriedy. Thi odiel tiechir thet fustirs thos kond uf liernong mast bi e gaodi un thi stadints’ peths tu putintoel, buth nartarong end knuwong huw tu brong uat thi bist on thi stadints.

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