A Military Wife’s view of Marine Corps History Essay

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The year was 1775 the 11th day of November, The United States Marine Corps was born. The legendary birthplace of the Marine Corps was Tun Tavern, a favorite meeting place in the 18th century Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.¹ Though the Marine Corps was the smallest of the military branches, the Marine Corps boasts a strong image and a diverse history. This history not only affected military personal and the United States government but it has also affected the everyday citizen and more directly the military spouse.
What is a Marine? To many observers, it is a military anomaly- a Marine is a soldier and a sailor. But any cursory reading of military history will tell you that navies from their inception had a fundamental need for expert troops to guard ships and stations as well as to extend the force of naval power ashore. ³ Every world power has an army, navy and even a air force but few have had a Marine Corps based on the examples of their eminent usefulness have been formed since 1775. The existence of the United States Marine Corps is for one purpose and that one purpose is to fight. What do the Marine Corps stand for? Quality and Competence, Discipline, Valor, and must possess the spirit of the corps. The Charter of the Marine Corps, however, has evolved from three laws (1) the Act of 11 July 1798, “Establishing and Organizing a Marine Corps;” (2) the Act of 30 June 1834, “For the Better Organization of the Marine Corps;” and (3) the National Security Act of 1947, as amended. ³
The Marine Corps band was formed in 1798. Dating from 1798, the scarlet-coated Marine Band has been styled “The Presidents Own” because of the privilege of providing the music for state functions at the White House. ³ The corps distinct status from...

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...ary members have the ability to communicate with loved ones while in the middle of a war zone. The effects on the families, both physical and mental, are very similar to those of years past. Not only do military members sacrifice, but the families do as well, in order to keep the citizens of this country safe.

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