A Life Ruined by Drugs

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Susan is an anti-social, quiet and a kind decent girl.......she is good in her studys and came from a fine and educated family.
She actually did not intend to go to the party but one of her best friend insisted.....so she bid to her request...

When she reached the party, her best friend when away to find her own friends leaving Susan alone..Due to Susan's anti-social attitude, she went to a
Dark corner of the house n sat quietly alone. Not long later, a group of 5 girls came to talk to Susan....Susan was quite afraid of them because of their numerous
Piercing n weird dressing..But after talking to them for quite a moment, she thought that they were quite friendly n became friends with them. After a while, they
Offered her a drink. Susan looked at the cup and thought,’ it’s just a plain cup of fruit punch.....it should be alright''and without second thoughts, she drank it.....she
did not even thought that just because of this cup of fruit punch, her future is all ruin....all ruin...After a while later, she suddenly felt a gush of dizziness...but also
Having a feel of being in cloud 9......She asked the girls why she experience this kind of feeling and not intending to hide the truth, they told her that they had
Added oxycontin, a drug to let people feel high and get away from all the stress. Susan was shocked at first...and wanted to go home and rest....but the effectiveness
of the drug was too strong for her to overcome....so she allowed the drug to take over her....it was not only about her....it also affects her future.....her life.....her actions....
Then, unlike herself, she went to dance in the crowd and was shouting and having a great time....but suddenly the sound of the police siren travelled to her ears.....
Soon, in her blurred vision, everyone was scrambling to their feet and forcing their way to the exit.....there was already a serious ‘‘traffic jam'' at the doorway and
Susan was still standing rooted to the ground laughing to herself. Where were all her friends? Those who actually the so-called ''friends’’ who brought her in to the
drugs world without her aknowledgement?where???
It was suddenly a total silence.

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....not even a noise made.....suddenly, Susan came to her sense....she was shock and like the others, she tried her best to
Force her way to the exit but failed to do so in time...''Gone......Gone........my life is all gone......dreams has scatted.....hope had turned dust...I have nothing. Not even my pride....''
Susan thought......tears started to roll down her red rosy cheeks.....but it was all too late....Susan regretted.....she should not have drank that cup of fruit punch...
all because of that, she has nothing left....

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