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My entire life I have been fascinated with film and commercials. As a kid, I would stop what I was doing to watch a commercial. This has not changed through the years. My goal in life is to work in the film industry and work with video. This may have developed from my brother’s short term love for the video arts. Like most little brothers I followed in his footsteps through a lot of things and most of them would not stick. As I grew older I developed my own different ideals and likes. But, video just stuck with me. Even if film production doesn’t work out I have always had a childlike excitement for fighting fires. Being the person to save the day is something that everybody wants to do, but not everyone peruses this dangerous career.

To be in a film production of any sort you are not required to have a college degree. It’s funny though because most people do go to college for these fields. My brother worked as an assistant producer in a locally filmed movie titled “Immortally Yours”. It was a low budget film shot for about 500,000 dollars. He had just graduated high school when ...

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