A Break for School Is Not a Good Idea Essay

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Should You Wait or Not
When high school is over, that is the time students need to decide if they are going to start college right away or wait a year or two. Whichever choice they choose will affect their future. Students should not put off their education for a long period of time. This will only hurt the students because they will start to forget things they had learned in high school. If they wait to go to school, it could also put a delay on their career. Then when they do want to go to start going back to college to get a degree, it will become harder to start going back. Also, there are the students that take a break during the middle of their college years and this can hurt them also. Not every student sees taking a break as a bad thing. Many will take a gap year to learn new things through personal experience and not in an academic setting. When students graduate high school, they should consider choosing to go to college right away instead of waiting around doing nothing to help get an education for their future.
Over the years the student decided to take off, their learning process will not be the same. Everything that they had learned in high school may start to be forgotten. Trying to relearn all of that will be harder because these students have not seen the material in a while and will have to relearn it all again. It is a lot easier to go straight from high school to college because it is all fresh in your mind. There are many major universities that think a gap year is the best thing for the students. For example, in Danielle Wood’s article from Today, she said “Princeton encourages it. Harvard’s a big fan. From Tufts to MIT, some the most prestigious universities in the nation are urging student...

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